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Jim McEnerney Discusses What the Coronavirus Pandemic Means for Stock Market Investors in the Years to Come

Marketing director and CPA Jim McEnerney discusses what the Coronavirus pandemic means for stock market investors this year and in the future.

CPA and Marketing Director of The McEnerney Group, Jim McEnerney, recently discussed what the current Coronavirus pandemic means for the stock market and how that will affect future investments, savings, and more.

Jim McEnerney Kansas CityIn a recent newsletter released by Jim McEnerney, he states that this pandemic will pass with less overall economic damage than was expected. Similar to other disasters in recent years, those who stay on path, following their plan, and practicing patience will continue to come out on top. In fact, Jim McEnerney states that overall earnings are continuing to improve.

“With more than three-quarters of Q4 results already in, one can confidently surmise that overall earnings picture continues to improve,” Jim McEnerney says. “As we indicated here last week, these quarterly results continue to show earnings growth on track to turn positive in Q4 and momentum on the revenues side.”

Jim McEnerney does, however, state that the virus will slow the trend of improvement for one or two quarters. He explains that investors are in for a choppy ride, and while the future is always uncertain, this market fluctuation, and the virus causing it, will eventually pass. Jim McEnerney expresses that many of the issues we’re seeing now are due to a lower demand, as citizens are responsibly staying home to combat the virus, and ultimately, spending less money.

Jim McEnerney Explains the Impact of the Virus

“The impact of the virus is more about supply-chain management and (temporarily) suppressed demand – than operational or market-related issues,” Jim McEnerney says in his recent online releaseTough Lessons.”

He states that we should expect fears to rise and for headlines to be dark for the immediate future, but we should remain optimistic in the long-term. He describes that the media is continuously perpetuating the idea that the market is collapsing with no end in sight, but that if investors stay focused on the main goal, they don’t have to spend their days worrying about impending market doom. He reminds us that every person who will be driving the United States economy for the coming 50 years is already living, and they will be spending again in the not-so-distant future.

Jim McEnerney acknowledges that this “sit and wait” strategy of having patience and staying on the original path sounds extremely boring. However, he describes that this boring path is the most effective one over time.

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