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Jim L. McEnerney of Kansas City: Staying in Shape With Lacrosse May Help Fight Obesity

Jim L. McEnerney of Kansas City is a financial adviser with over 30 years of experience and one of the most respected lacrosse competitors in the nation. He recently discussed how he has used this sport to fight obesity and how others can get into this competitive event with ease. 

Why Jim L. McEnerney of Kansas City Loves Lacrosse 

Over the years, financial expert Jim L. McEnerney of Kansas City has done a lot of good for his community. His charitable nature is well documented, as is his kindness towards employees and others who have less in his community. However, few realize that Jim L. McEnerney of Kansas City is also an excellent example of how to age healthily and stay in shape. His doctors have found that he remains trim and in great shape well past his 40s.

How does he stay fit? Jim L. McEnerney contributes his fitness to his love of lacrosse. As both a player and a coach, he has enjoyed this competitive event for years and has used it to stay in shape and fuel a competitive spirit. Jim L. McEnerney of Kansas City believes that those who enjoy sports have a naturally strong competitive drive that makes it easier for them to succeed as people. 

However, Jim L. McEnerney of Kansas City also believes that lacrosse is a great way to fight obesity. In this very athletic sport, players will run nearly as much as those in a soccer match and work their arms as they yield their throwing gear. Jim L. McEnerney believes that lacrosse is one of the best full-body workouts a person can utilize and suggests a few tips for those who want to get started. 

Jim Mcenerney

Tips for Starting in Lacrosse

Those already suffering from obesity before they begin their new lacrosse hobby should visit a doctor before they start, Jim L. McEnerney of Kansas City suggests. This sport is very demanding on the body and may be too hard for some people to handle right away. A stress test is critical, he states, as it can gauge whether a person’s heart will be strong enough to handle this competition. 

And when an individual is ready to compete, Jim L. McEnerney of Kansas City suggests seeking out clubs that are looking for new players or willing to slot somebody in as a replacement. Often, these leagues have beginner teams that focus on teaching the sport and its many unique elements in a fun and engaging way. Typically, these leagues are very welcoming and friendly. 

When playing, James L. McEnerney suggests focusing on learning how to manipulate and throw the ball first. Practice with targeting throwing to get a good idea of how to place the ball exactly where you want it to go. It would help if you also were working on your cardiovascular health, James L. McEnerney states, but that will come with time and help you lose weight quickly and easily. 

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