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Jim L. McEnerney Discusses How Lacrosse Players Can Practice During the Pandemic

The Pandemic Might Require Social Distancing but Jim L. McEnerney Shares Ideas on How Lacrosse Players Can Still Practice

Many lacrosse players have had to re-think the way that they practice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Coaches around the country are getting creative to ensure that players focus on their skillset. Jim L. McEnerney of Kansas City, a lacrosse coach that has had an NCAA National Lacrosse Championship Team, explores some of the ways that players can practice.

Jim L. McEnerney explains that one of the best ways for players to make use of social distancing is to focus on their stick work. Various drills can be done to improve progressions. Jim McEnerney also recommends that players look at YouTube and the US Lacrosse site to watch videos. Players from national teams are offering plenty of tutorials and drills that can be followed.

Although teams cannot meet on the field, they can still communicate. Jim McEnerney of Kansas City says that a significant amount of the performance on the field has to do with the way that a team is able to bond off the field. As such, lacrosse players should be communicating with their teammates on a regular basis. Coach Jim L. McEnerney recommends setting up Zoom calls so that players can catch up socially and also talk about what they’re doing in order to improve their skillsets.

As many parks around the country are starting to open up again, Jim L. McEnerney has talked about going out to the open spaces in order to focus on partner passing and coaching. This can be done as a meet-up with another player or by asking a parent or sibling to help. It is possible to maintain a six-foot social distance, though it can add an extra dimension to practice because of having someone to work with.

There’s also some practice that can be done indoors. Jim McEnerney of Kansas City, who has coached on a high school level for years, recognizes how video games have been able to help. Many of his players will use PS4 and other game consoles to work on the overall field dynamics. It can make it easier to understand the rules and see how different strategies can be effective on the field. Jim L. McEnerney suggests such games as NLL Lacrosse and Casey Powell Lacrosse 18.

Jim McEnerney of Kansas City understands that players are frustrated that they cannot get out and play in their championships or even have a friendly scrimmage in a local park. However, he says that it’s critical for lacrosse players to continue practicing and training in order to keep their skills as sharp as possible.

Jim L. McEnerney is based in Overland Park, Kansas. He is the Director of Marketing for the McEnerney Group. Additionally, he has been named Coach of the Year for his time that he spent with the Notre Dame de Sion High School lacrosse team.

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